Recreation, skiing and hiking

Four ski-lifts you can find in Stříbrnice, 200 meters far from cottage:

Návrší - Babeta 1
Návrší - Babeta 2
Návrší - Stříbrnice
Kralická chata

Overview of ski-lifts in Staroměstsko region (taken from
Ski-lifts in region, taken from

The cross-country skiing lovers will come into their own. Very favourite destinations are usualy mountain cottages "Návrší" and "Paprsek". The picture shows view from Palaš (near to Paprsek cottage) to Králický Sněžník.
view from Palaš (near to Paprsek cottage) to Králický Sněžník

Summer recreation

Surroundings offers wide possibilities for hiking (cottages Návrší and Paprsek, peak of Králický Sněžník, Kladské saddle) and mountainbiking (for trips to Poland you can use turist border crossing in Kladské saddle - 4 km).

View to Králický Sněžník (1424 m. n. m.) from Sušina mountain-ridge. Králický Sněžník is significant place of European water division, rivers out of him flows to three seas. Near the top you can find a spring of the Morava river. View to Králický Sněžník

Statue of small elephant is situated near the top of Králický Sněžník. Elephant is symbol of luck, natives belives that wishes pronounced at caressing elephant's trunk will come true. On the beckgound of the picture you can see ridges of Rychleby and Jeseníky mountains.
Statue of elephant near the top of Králický Sněžník